Passion is an understatement. We are in love with the art of Presentation. Whether it’s an amazing concert or an inspiring meeting, we know that some of life’s most transformative moments happen at these events that we craft. Our mission is to help you bring your vision to its ultimate expression and deliver your message in the most powerful way, by providing world-class production, staffing and support services.


Managing Director

Eric Leaptrot

With 30+ years of event industry expertise, Digga has seen it all. Having worked some of the largest shows in the world, he brings a wealth of unique insight and skill to the table with only one goal… to get you show ready

Director of Business Development

Michael S. Naumu

From Championship teams to managing world class venues, sporting events and shows, Michael has developed winning strategies for hundreds of clients. A sound game plan, sustained effort and creative solutions have marked his 30 year career.

Director of Human Resources

Kiara Leaptrot

Kiara is the backbone of our company. She handles all HR administration, payroll and keeps our books balanced. She also heads up our Branding and Promotions Ambassador department.