HiPoint Media is the exclusive agency for the large art installations of Derek Dyer Productions, featuring The Illuminator, America’s largest mirrored ball and The Electric Crystal, an 8′ LED art structure.

Contact digga@hipointmedia for booking information.

The largest mirror ball in the U.S. is the creation of Artist Derek Dyer in association with the Utah Arts Alliance. The piece is over 23 feet in diameter, more than 60 feet in circumference, and it has more than a thousand mirrors. The Illuminator is more that just a big disco ball, it is the largest mirror ball in the US.

The Illuminator is available for rent for major festivals and events world wide.

The Illuminator also stands apart from any other large mirror ball in the world because it is the only work of its kind that can not only be hung for display and can rotate from its specially engineered rotational motor but it can also sit (and rotate) on the ground on its awesome pedestal which looks like a UFO landing pod. One of the truly unique of the Illuminator is that is actually opens up with a staircase that allows guests to enter the ball and experience the inside of the ball that features a 8′ in diameter chrome diamond plate dance floor!!

The ball serves as a center piece for the best events and festivals in the US and serves to help make an event one that will never be forgotten.

From Miami to Utah the Illuminator is the ultimate pop culture art work and symbol of celebration that can’t be topped.

The Illuminator is the center piece for the Salt Lake City EVE New Years festival and count down to New Years and is viewed by over 40,000 people each year in Salt Lake.